Before a mural can be painted you need to have two things: power and water. Certainly if it’s an outdoor mural, these two requirements can be worked around, but power is needed for lighting and projecting, and water is needed for cleaning brushes. Without those things, the level of work increases, the time it takes increases and the price of the project increases. If you’re a small business I recommend saving the mural for the absolute last thing you do before opening. Though, in my experience, it’s a good idea to even start after opening.

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The mural process varies per artist, but in this article, I will explain what you as the client can expect from me and my process.

So you’ve looked at my portfolio and my services page, you like my style and you’re ready to proceed. Awesome, I love you. … er, did that just get weird? Ok backtrack: Thank you. – that’s better.

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Choosing an artist can be a daunting task. It’s new territory for a lot of people and it can be confusing, so this blog is designed to help familiarize you with how to best choose an artist for your project.


To begin, it’s important to look at several artists’ portfolios. Most artists have an online presence now days and you should be able to find several artists in your area with a quick Google search.
What to look for when you find an artist:

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